Start-up platform Limited Run, which aims at musicians and labels to create webstores that sell physical and digital products, posted in a note on Facebook today why they will be deleting their account. The company explains in detail how when utilizing Facebook ads to promote their service that they found 80% of the clicks they were charged for came from bots.

After trying several analytic services, the company continually found the same results, only being able to verify about 20% of the clicks. They then decided to create their own analytic software, producing the same results. After finally installing a page logger, they found that 80% of the clicks they were receiving came from bots, driving up their advertising costs.

Contacting Facebook about the issue to no avail, the company has also had problems in the past since their name changed from “Limited Pressing” to “Limited Run,” stating the only way Facebook would allow them to change their name was to spend at least $2000 per month on advertising.

The company admits they do not know where exactly the bot clicks are coming from, whether that be Facebook or an outside source, but will be concentrating their social efforts through their twitter account, which you can follow here.

You can view the entire post here before they delete their account, or view a screen-shot image below.


How do you feel about the company's findings about using Facebook's ad service?