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Welcome To Rockville has been given permission to extend tonight’s curfew after severe weather pushed back the festival’s door time.

The festival tweeted earlier today that doors would be opening at noon due to approaching severe weather. About one hour later, it was announced that doors would not be opening at noon and fans were advised to take cover and wait for further information.

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The first announcement was made earlier today, alerting fans that the threat of severe weather had caused doors to be pushed back.

A short while later the festival announced doors would not be opening at that time as a concern to the safety of artists and fans.

Fans were advised to stay in their hotels and vehicles as the severe weather approached, stating they would keep everyone updated as things develop.

Judging from photos posted by festival attendees, things look pretty intense.

Fortunately for Rockville fans, the city of Jacksonville gave the festival permission to extend tonight’s curfew The festival stated they were currently working on adjusted set times and an official door opening time.

Tool, Bring Me The Horizon, YUNGBLUD and more were scheduled to perform at the festival today.

The doors are tentatively opening at 3:30 P.M.

 Are you currently waiting out the weather at Welcome To Rockville? What’s your worst weather-related festival story? Sound off in the comments below!

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