Wendy's Twitter-min
[Photo by Nheyob via Wikimedia Commons]

National Roast Day has finally arrived. So, naturally, Wendy’s is hard at working tweeting some of the biggest burns and no account is safe.

So far, Wendy’s has posted a few iconic tweets about Twilight, Reddit, Cash Cash and Fearless Records to help kick off the holiday.

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From proving their scene kid status to debating pop-punk, the Wendy’s Twitter account has truly given us the entertaining content we’ve needed over the past few years. However, once a year, Wendy’s gets truly savage on National Roast Day. Thursday officially marks the 2021 National Roast Day and, of course, Wendy’s is wasting no time serving some massively entertaining tweets.

Wendy’s helped kicked things off with a tweet to Emery that burns more than their spicy chicken nuggets.

“Imagine having to start a song with Are You Listening because no one is listening. Also aren’t y’all a little too old to be asking for a roast?”

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Wendy’s then moved onto Cash Cash to confirm that the band didn’t actually disappear during the fall of Myspace.

“thought y’all went down with Myspace tbh.”

Soon after, Public the Band were hit with a massive zinger that not even a Frosty can cool down.

“y’all sound like a macbook is the most important member of your band.”

No musician is safe from Wendy’s during National Roast Day including Paul Wall.

“Daaaang! I haven’t thought about you since I worked at Circuit City.”

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Doug The Pug and Funko also weren’t safe from Wendy’s fiery tweets on Thursday.

“Not even a Sarah MacLachlan track would make me want you.”

You can’t be a lonely middle aged man in his basement if you have two hundred plastic toys of the things that make you remember when at least your parents loved you still mint in box. #NationalRoastDay pls make funko wendy”

Even after the attention Reddit received from that Elon Musk-approved GameStop stocks ploy that surprised Wall Street, the platform still wanted in on the National Roast Day action. And, well, it looks like they got what they asked for.

“Finally! A place for men to feel safe online.”

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Not so surprisingly, Twilight became a rather easy target for the Wendy’s Twitter during National Roast Day.

“Name an actor who isn’t trying to live down being in your movies.”

Wendy’s even took the time to call out Fearless Records.

“probably need us to give you free marketing since you don’t have a street team to do that anymore huh.”

What has been your favorite roast from Wendy’s so far? Let us know in the comments below.