So, Brand New updated their website today, which would not normally be a newsworthy item—but it’s Brand New, and there’s a whole bunch of cryptic shit to speculate about here.

First things first, their website now says, “Brand New is in the studio,” which we already knew. It also says, “Procrastinate!, PoGolith Earth Sound Alliance 2015.”

What does that mean? Well, Procrastinate Music Traitors is a record label formed by Brand New years ago. Earth Sound Alliance is an LLC from Long Island, which is where BN are from. PoGolith? No idea. But it was a hashtag used by a studio in Brooklyn. The New York connection there is kind of odd.

Lastly, there’s a button on their website that says “HYPE.” If you click it, it takes you to a music video by “the one and only PPL MVR,” a band on Elektra Records who dress in consumes and no one really knows anything about. (I know what you're thinking.) Check out the video below, and let us know your thoughts.

What are Brand New up to?