What is “health goth” and why is it a thing?

October 22, 2014
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What is health goth? In short, it’s a fashion trend mixing modern gothic sensibilities with futuristic sportswear, according to Marie Claire. The style could be compared to that of street goth, goth ninja or cyberpunk. The goal, apparently, is to encourage goth people to be more active. Or to make fashionable gym-goers dress more goth, depending on who you ask.

Header image via the Health Goth Facebook

“The evolution, or rather, byproduct of its existence will be a generation of gym-goers who realize that you don't have to be a jock to lift weights, and who do it listening to darker and/or more aggressive music,” Johnny Love, the man who runs, told the Huffington Post.

In their list of “the 10 struggles of being a health goth,” Complex listed: workout gear not coming in black, a lack of black smoothies and the gym never playing death-metal, among other “struggles.”

Check out some images of health goth below, and let us know your thoughts.














Written by Matt Crane