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How would you feel if you ran into a White Walker on your way to work? Game Of Thrones fans in London got the thrill of a lifetime as some of the show's supernatural creatures mingled with commuters on Monday morning.

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Reportedly, “the Others” that appeared at King's Cross Station were there to promote Game Of Thrones' Season 7 U.K. premiere, hyping up interested passengers for one of the year's most anticipated TV events. (via Mashable)

Of course, Game Of Thrones viewers in the States got to see the the new episode, “Dragonstone,” on Sunday night. Regardless, check out some of the spooky shots (and surreal selfies) of the White Walkers in London below!


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Winter is coming! Seriously, what would you do if you saw this White Walker in front of you at the train station?


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Would you simply stare in awe at the mystical presence before you?


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Or perhaps snap a White Walker selfie? Careful, your joy may turn to ashes in your mouth.


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It looks like some local musicians even got in on the act, playing the show's theme song for passersby.

Did you catch the Game Of Thrones season premiere yet? Let us know in the comments section.

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