Whitechapel have released an NSFW (i.e. gore, excessive violence, self-harm) music video for their song, “Let Me Burn,” which you can watch below.

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Vocalist Phil Bozeman spoke with Bloody Disgusting on the video: 

The basis of the video is about a man, his wife and daughter. The story depicts the degradation of the man and him going insane. He kills his wife and makes his daughter kill him. He douses himself in gasoline and begs her to strike the match. But the whole point of the story is that the man has everything he wants and needs, but has no control over his mind and suffers with clinical insanity/schizophrenia and kills his wife and regrets everything. His daughter lives on as he burns alive in his house.

“Let Me Burn” is taken from the band's most recent studio album, Our Endless War, which is out now on Metal Blade Records.