The city of Wilmington, NC have canceled their forthcoming Warped Tour date on July 4.

Vans Warped Tour posted a statement in the event page detailing the surprise cancelation of the event, saying that they were “completely blind-sided by the city of Wilmington, NC” and “have tried to work through everything as fast as we could.”

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Local news station WWAY 3 reported on the cancelation as well, with the city communications manager explaining that they had been working to make it happen—but were unable to “provide safety for concert goers as well as financial viability for ticket buyers.”

“It is unfortunate we are unable to hold the Warped Tour at Legion Stadium as we had worked for months to try and make it happen. However, events held at city facilities must be hosted by groups with the ability to provide safety for concert goers as well as financial viability for ticket buyers,” city Communications Manager Malissa Talbert said. “We hope we can host similar events here in the future.”

The city had been working with Huka Productions, LLC of North Carolina, a subsidiary of New Orleans-based Huka Entertainment, to host the event, WWAY 3 reports.

Kevin Lyman took to Twitter to express his surprise as well:

And in the Facebook event, Warped Tour shared their apologies for the cancellation of the Wilmington date:

To all our fans – it is never easy to do this, but due to circumstances beyond our control we have been forced to cancel the 7.04 Wilmington, NC show.

From the Vans Warped Tour team, the bands, and all of our sponsors, we are truly sorry that this had to happen. We were completely blind-sided by the city of Wilmington, NC and have tried to work through everything as fast as we could.

We were working with HUKA Entertainment as our partner and the officials of the city of Wilmington, NC decided to not enter into a contractual agreement with Huka Production, LLC of North Carolina; instead the city pulled the permits that would allow us to have the show. This decision was based on a few concerns that included the venue's ability to meet the logistical challenge of our tour, as nothing of that large of a scale has been done at the sports complex before. Ultimately the decision of the city resulted in the Vans Warped Tour being tied up and has left us unable to carry out the show.

If you were a ticket buyer to the Wilmington tour stop, you have three options: Use the ticket at any other Warped Tour show, contact Ticketfly directly for a refund or mail your physical ticket purchased at a Journeys store back to Vans Warped Tour with the address shared in the event group. (Note: the Journeys store you purchased the ticket at will not be able to process your refund.)

Read the full statement, and get further details on how to refund your ticket, here.