With Knives, the new band from Joe Trohman of Fall Out Boy, will be playing their first show Apr. 20 at Union Pool in Brooklyn, New York.

The band will also be releasing their debut EP as a pay-what-you-want download. Check out the info below, straight from Trohman's blog:

“So first off, With Knives has our first show April 20th at Union Pool in Brooklyn. All the info is on this flyer:

More info can be found at Union Pool’s website. Please be aware that it is a 21 and over show. Not our call, so don’t fuss at us! Please feel free to repost this flyer anywhere and everywhere. It’d be much appreciated.

Secondly, we will be posting our EP online either this week or next week. It will be a free download that will come with artwork and liner notes. There will be an option to donate money too (even $1 is incredibly helpful). Keep in mind, we did pay for this ourselves, and we are putting it out ourselves. Vinyl won’t be press immediately, so for now this will be the only format this will exist on.

Stay tuned, follow this blog, check withknives.com, follow myself @trohman and Josh @jnewton to find out when the EP/record is available. Thanks!”