Woe, Is Me have announced their new vocalist to replace Tyler Carter, who left the band in August. In a statement, the band writes:

We're beyond thrilled to announce our dear friend Hance Alligood as the new vocalist of Woe, Is Me. We feel this is making our band even more of a family than it was before, given our history with Hance. He was the original vocalist of this band, and we parted ways shortly before becoming public. We are 100% positive that this is how it should have been from the beginning.

Upon welcoming Hance to our band we entered the studio to work on a reissue of number[s] that's going to include some remixes, a new cover, and a few surprises. One surprise being a new single titled “Vengeance.” We hope the new single and reissue will hold you guys off for a bit, as we will be entering the studio in May to record our sophomore album.

We feel now we are in full force, and we don't plan on letting anybody down. That said: be wary of rumors you hear about this band. We are not breaking up, and we will always have nothing but a rigorous touring schedule so we can see all of your pretty faces.

“Vengeance” will be on iTunes on Sept. 27. Take a look at a video announcing the lineup addition below!