Wolves At The Gate are set to release a new acoustic EP, Reprise, on May 12 via Solid State Records. The effort will feature guest appearances from members of Being As An Ocean, Emery, For Today, Come Wind and Citizens And Saints. Pre-orders are on sale now.

Listen: Wolves At The Gate stream new album, VxV

“We didn’t have to go far to choose these people,” says vocalist/guitarist Steve Cobucci on the EP's guest stars. “They are friends of ours from touring and playing and they also happen to be some of our favorite vocalists as musicians.” The first five songs were selected from the band’s two full-length albums, VxV and Captors. The final song Waste is a brand new song created specifically for this EP. In what can be seen as a reversal, it will potentially appear as a full band version on the band’s next full-length.”

Track listing:

1. Dead Man (feat. Michael McGough from Being As An Ocean)
2. Relief (feat. Toby Morrell from Emery)
3. The Bird and the Snake (feat. Ryan Leitru from For Today)
4. The Father's Bargain (feat. Zach Bolen from Citizens & Saints)
5. East to West (feat. Aaron Troyer from Come Wind)
6. Waste