Over 426,000 fans came out for this year's World’s Loudest Month festivals, which took place across the U.S. between April 25 and May 30. This surpasses last year's number and certifies 2015 as a success.

“Every year we try to raise the bar for the rock fans around the country with the World’s Loudest Month festivals, and every year those dedicated fans rise to the challenge,” comments Joe Litvag of AEG Live. “We find it incredibly gratifying that while many may say that rock isn’t cool or hip, hundreds of thousands of loyal rock enthusiasts and hundreds of rock performers would disagree. The numbers are growing each year and speak for themselves, and we are so grateful to the fans, artists and sponsors who continue to support this underserved genre year after year. If ‘rock ‘n’ roll is dead’ as they say, you could’ve fooled me!”

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“Over the past several years there has been an explosion of music festivals in the United States, making it clear that festivals have become a significant force in the American music culture,” says Danny Wimmer of Danny Wimmer Presents. “While this growth is exciting, it puts pressure on organizers to find ways to differentiate their events. By creating the WLM as an association of individual festivals, we have been able to globally celebrate the rock culture but also highlight the uniqueness of each event through the curation of local cuisine, craft breweries and distilleries. The music always comes first, but expanding the non-musical entertainment offering of each festival has also been a key focus. Whether it’s adding a custom food village, a comedy tent, a tequila world or new activation partners like the Jacksonville Jaguars, each festival continues to find its own personality. What is most exciting to me are the things we have on the drawing board for the future.”

Congratulations to everyone involved on a successful year!