Kickstarter has proven to be a pretty good way to raise funding for products we may not have thought we needed. And a brand new campaign that is catching many eyes is MAG-LEV audio’s “levitating” turntable; the first of its kind says the Vinyl Factory.

The Slovenian based company hopes to raise $300,000 to make “the feeling of zero gravity into your living room” become a reality. More than 100 people have contributed to their cause, with the campaign receiving $76,811 toward the project already.

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“By joining our love for music with careful integration of technology and high-range audio components, we’ve created a turntable of the future for the medium of the past,” one description states. The technology behind the futuristic record player is “sensor regulating software,” which helps the platter spin smoothly through the air thanks to magnetic levitation.

The MAG-LEV turntable also has some cool features, including faint orange illumination beneath the platter, retractable feet so the platter can rest when it’s off, and a UPS system that stores energy to automatically retract the tonearm and place the platter on the feet in case of sudden power loss.

The turntable can already be preordered, with portions of the money going toward the Kickstarter fund. There are multiple levels you can pledge, with more expensive packages giving you exclusive offers. The MAG-LEV will be available in black, white and an imitation wood design. Prices start at $780.

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The Kickstarter campaign will run through November 21, and first shipments are projected to be out by August 2017, according to the campaign’s website. The turntable was conceived with the hopes of creating a “better, newer way to experience vinyl records.” The product video below showcases the turntable’s futuristic design.

Although the MAG-LEV Audio folks claim the title, “levitating turntable,” there are other magnetic record players that do exist on the market. This one however, uses a completely unique design.

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