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Well, it’s official: This year’s Youtube Rewind, the platform’s yearly video mashup on all the things that happened on Youtube during the year, has now become the most disliked video on the platform.

The video has now surpassed 10 million dislikes, which means this year’s Rewind has officially bypassed Justin Bieber‘s 2010 My World 2.0 track, “Baby” as the most disliked video of all time.

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It may have taken Justin Bieber’s video almost eight years to achieve such numbers, but the platform was able to reach, and eventually bypass, the record in under eight days, which is honestly a pretty impressive feat.

The video was originally published on the platform on Dec. 6, and featured over 100 creators including Will Smith, Liza Koshy, James Charles, the Try Guys, Markiplier, Casey Neistat, Gabbie Hanna and the Dolan Twins, just to name a few.

While there were some big Youtube creators featured in this year’s list, it did pull some criticisms for leaving out names like PewDiePie, Shane Dawson and Logan Paul.

These names, while all being connected to some pretty big controversies throughout their careers, did have some major impact during the year. With Youtube Rewind‘s main purpose reflecting on big trends and videos on Youtube during the year, some have raised an eyebrow at the omission.

In any case, the hate doesn’t seem to have bothered Youtube.

Despite the mass amounts of hate this video accumulated, Youtube shared in a statement with NME that they are happy with this year’s Rewind, hate or not:

“Every year when we release our Rewind video, our number one goal is getting the community to engage with it,” a spokesperson said. “This includes liking and disliking the video. With millions of comments, millions of likes and dislikes, and more than 100M views, we’re pleased with the results.”

Check out the video below, and let us know if it really earned the record of being the most disliked video on Youtube:

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