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YouTube just made finding that one song in a band’s set way easier

YouTube announced the launch of its "chapters" feature this week.

May 28, 2020
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If you’re tired of skipping through videos of your favorite bands’ live sets to find a particular song, YouTube‘s new feature will make your life a lot easier. This week, YouTube announced its new “chapters” feature that makes navigating through videos easier than ever.

After months of testing, YouTube’s new feature now allows all creators to incorporate chapters into their videos.

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For iOS, Android and desktop devices, YouTube’s new chapters feature is helping to make the video-sharing platform more user friendly. Rather than having to skip through videos to find a specific part, the new feature allows creators to break up their content into different chapters. Each section has its own title and timestamp that users can select to be taken to a specific part of the video. YouTube began testing this feature quite some time ago so some may already be familiar with it.

Visually, the chapters are indicated with breaks in the media playback bar. These breaks are similar to the markers YouTube uses to indicate where ads are located. Content viewers can tap on a chapter within the media playback bar that will allow them to jump straight to a specific part of the video.

This feature is particularly useful for music fans out there binge-watching live sets while in quarantine. Since live music events probably won’t be back until next year, many of us are flocking to YouTube to get our daily dose of live music. This new feature will make it easier for us to skip to specific songs in an artist’s live set without spoiling the whole performance.

However, this video chapters feature is optional. So, it may not be available on every YouTube video. As well, some creators may choose to not use the feature so users will be more likely to watch entire videos as opposed to small sections.

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The feature was announced by YouTube on Thursday following a long period of testing. Users found the chapters feature to be useful so the video-sharing platform decided to make it available to everyone.

According to Engadget, creators will be required to have at least three chapters in their videos. As well, these chapters must be at least 10 seconds long. However, for users who enjoy watching long vlogs or live music sets on YouTube, this feature could help them navigate this content easier.

What do you think of YouTube’s new chapters feature? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Written by Rachael Dowd