[Photo by: News Media/YouTube]

YouTuber Arya Mosallah is under fire for uploading videos—now deleted—of him throwing water into Londoner's faces, just months after an acid attack spree.

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As The Independent explains, the 22-year-old recorded videos splashing water into people's faces, but this comes alongside the release of figures that show that the UK has one of the “highest number of recorded acid attacks per person of any country in the world.”

His account, ItzArya, has sparked an angry response on social media—and rightfully so.

“I would be terrified and think it was acid, especially walking around London, acid attacks are becoming more common I really don’t think it’s an idea people should be promoting and mocking, shame,” a commenter wrote on the original video, the news source shares.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police told The Independent that Mosallah could even have been arrested for the prank.