We absolutely love YUNGBLUD for his no-fucks-given attitude towards how others might feel about his fashion choices, but he’s explained exactly how he felt the first time he wore a dress.

In an interview with PAPER, the musician discusses pink socks, Dave Grohl, and watching his fans mosh among other things.

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The musician has been known to wear dresses and other more “feminine” styles of clothing unabashedly and says “I just feel sexy in it.”

“I was at my next door neighbor’s house, her name was Annabelle,” he says of the experience. “I was about 11, and she put it on me as a joke. As soon as she put it on me, I kind of unlocked a new avenue within myself. The way it felt on me, I loved the silk on my body. It kind of gave me this confidence, which started out as something humorous!”

He elaborates on his clothing choices, saying his first time in New York was spent searching for skirts and dresses.

“I love black, little, tight dresses. The first time I came to New York, I used to just go into punk shops and buy skirts,” he says. “Just high, short little schoolgirl skirts.”

Although it’s nice to hear his specific reasons for wearing dresses, it should go without saying that no one really needs a reason to wear anything. Hopefully YUNGBLUD’s fashion decisions can help inspire others to do the same if they want to just like countless musicians have before him.

You can watch the entire interview in the player below.

What do you think of YUNGBLUD’s reasoning for wearing dresses? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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