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YUNGBLUD adds to speculation with second “story” hotline

May 22, 2019
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YUNGBLUD set social media on fire yesterday with a viral marketing campaign of sorts, sharing a phone number on posters around the world and online.

When the number is dialed, the singer tells a story (mentioned in a previous tweet) over some eerie music before whispering “May 24.” Now, we have part two of that story.

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The rapper teased part two on his Instagram story early this morning, urging fans to give the number another dial.

Over the same eerie, circus-style tune, YUNGBLUD tells another tale, this time in third-person.

“I want to tell you a story about a teacher who fell in love with a man of the cloth. He brought her bright red roses every Sunday afternoon. She loved him so much with all her heart and he loved her back. However, one day she saw his pupils dilate for another. She became so possessed with jealousy she would say to herself every night for six months before she would sleep if he can’t have me, he can’t have anybody. Naturally the love between them went sour. He threatened to walk out, but just as his fingers grazed the doorknob she took the roses out of the vase, poured the water on the floor and bashed his head straight in.”

You can listen to the call, uploaded by a fan, below.

While fans believe the first story eluded to a new song, possibly named “Parents” or “Parents Ain’t Always Right,” the second call leaves much more room for mystery.

YUNGBLUD has been playing the track on his current run, which includes the line he delivers in his monologue. You can check out a snippet below, one of which is from The Parish in Austin May 8.


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New song from @yungblud #parentsaintalwaysright

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The rapper ends the recording by saying “Call back tomorrow for another story,” which means we will most likely be seeing a part three tomorrow.

YUNGBLUD fans have gone wild for his cryptic teasers as of late. Last week, the singer launched what would later be revealed as a zoomed in version of his upcoming graphic novelThe Twisted Tales Of The Ritalin Club.

What do you think YUNGBLUD is teasing? Sound off in the comments below!

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Written by Collin Goeman