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YUNGBLUD was set to release his highly-anticipated new album Weird! on Nov. 13. However, it looks like those plans have changed.

YUNGBLUD confirmed on Wednesday that his album is being pushed back due to delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

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On Oct. 21, YUNGBLUD shared a brief video on social media announcing that Weird! is no longer arriving on Nov. 13. He reveals that the decision to push back the release is due to delays happening with production.

“It came to my knowledge this morning that because of the coronavirus and the pandemic, some of the vinyl houses and production companies who are making some of the physical units are experiencing severe delays,” he says. “The album wouldn’t be able to potentially get to people and be shipped out as it would normally.”

Due to these delays, Weird! is now arriving on Dec. 4. YUNGBLUD further shares that his label was worried about him even releasing an album this year. However, he doesn’t want to wait any longer for fans to hear his new songs.

“I love my label, they support the fuck out of me,” he continues. “But they did advise me that bringing out an album this year was going to be really hard because of what’s going on in the fucking world. They advised me against it, but I needed to get this album to you because you fucking deserve it. This has been the weirdest fucking year imaginable. This is a conversation between us and it needed to come because fuck waiting until March next year, that’s not happening.”

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YUNGBLUD decided to push the album back to Dec. 4 because that is when he was told all physical albums would be ready to ship.

“I wanted to push it back to Dec. 4 because I have been assured by them [the label] that physical albums that you have bought [and] you have put your fucking time and faith in are going to be shipped on time as if there would be no pandemic going on.”

Earlier this month, YUNGBLUD announced that he is taking his live set global for the virtual THE WEIRD TIME OF LIFE TOUR. The 16 date tour begins on Nov. 16 in London and each show will have a unique localized experience and a full-scale production.

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Despite the fact that the album is now delayed, YUNGBLUD assures fans that the virtual tour is going ahead as planned. This means that fans will get to hear new songs off of Weird! before they are even released.

“If you have ordered tickets to the virtual tour, that has not been moved,” he shares. “So you will get to hear songs off the album before the album is actually out. I am excited as fuck about that.”

Tickets for the virtual tour are available here.

Listeners have already had a few tastes of Weird! over the past few months. It all started back in April when YUNGBLUD released the album’s title track along with an entertaining video. Since then, YUNGBLUD has unveiled “strawberry lipstick,” “god save me, but don’t drown me out” and, most recently, “cotton candy.”

Stream “cotton candy” below and pre-order your copy of Weird! here.

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