After 2009, metalcore staples ZAO fell off the grid, until recently when they made a comeback with the announcement of a two-song seven-inch and the release of its A-side track, “Xenophobe.” The vinyl release's B-side is streaming today to coincide with its official release; you can listen to it below.

Both tracks from the release would likely lead one to believe ZAO never went on hiatus. While that may sound like a lack of progression to some, it's not. It's undeniably ZAO through and through but there's certainly a sense of maturity and growth in the sound. It's heavy, it's intense and it's a welcomed return from a band once prominent in the scene.

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The physical pre-orders for the seven-inch have been long sold out (kind of) as the band explained on Facebook, “Pre-orders for the vinyl sold out. Don't worry, there are approximately 200 left that will be put up at a later time (have to leave a window for potential problems with the vinyl pressing/cover printing).” However, you can still purchase the digital track through their Bandcamp.