Visa problems may cause hardcore band to cancel tour, guitarist faces deportation

January 23, 2019
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Hardcore outfit the Zeta may have to cancel forthcoming tour dates. Following their guitarist being denied legal U.S. residency, the Venezuelan band could potentially have to continue without one of their members, Dani Saud.

Every member of the Zeta applied for legal U.S. residency after touring nonstop for almost two years on working visas. After those two years, the band decided they wanted to become permanent residents. However, despite his bandmates’ resident petitions being accepted, Saud’s was not. 

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According to Dying Scene, the result implies that the U.S. government doesn’t see Saud as an integral piece of the band. Saud is a founding member of the hardcore band and has been playing with them for nearly 16 years.

According to the story, the entire band took the necessary steps to immigrate. Additionally, Saud allegedly has nothing on his record that would keep his application from being accepted.

The guitarist now faces deportation. If his application is not accepted, Saud will no longer be able to play shows in the U.S. That said, Saud is currently working on an appeal.

“It’s no secret that Venezuela is going through a troubled and violent time,” Saud says in a post on “Because of the situation there, I was forced to leave my home country in order to continue my work as an artist- the reason I believe I was brought into this world. My passion is to share my culture and spread unique musical experiences with the United States and the American people. I do not understand why I have been ordered to leave.”

You can read Saud’s full account and sign the petition here.

The band’s story has kicked up a lot of buzz from DIY and punk scenes across the nation. The band’s live performances and demeanor have captured the hearts of many scenes, including those in Colorado and Florida.

Check out the Zeta’s full Audiotree session below.

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Written by Alternative Press Magazine