Jan. 14 was certainly a strange night. We saw the likes of Kesha, Marilyn Manson, Nicolas Cage and Hereditary actor Alex Wolff (formerly of the Naked Brothers Band) all hanging out together during the premiere of Color Out of Space. The film is Cage's newest flick based on the H.P. Lovecraft short story The Colour Out of Space.

The internet is pretty much freaking out over just the fact that Marilyn Manson and Kesha are together. Now, throw in Hollywood's National Treasure Nicolas Cage and one-half of the Naked Brothers Band and we certainly have the formula for the most random event of all time.

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Kesha, Manson and Wolff attended the premiere of Color Out of Space with its star, Nicolas Cage. They all then linked up in what seemed to be a great night.

A word of warning, Nicolas Cage is wearing the loudest jacket of all time. It looks fantastic, but we're not used to the star dressing, oddly. Kesha posted pictures of the group in a tweet talking about how things are fun and weird.

Life is weird and fun. Geeking. My animals know. Last night was everything ?????????

Alex Wolff took to Instagram to share the night's experiences.

Color Out of Space is a poetic, environmental allegory / horror explosion. Everyone needs to see Nick’s inspired performance. “Post that pic of us !! We look great!” 

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Well, 2020 seems to be going some type of way. Tell us what you think of Nic Cage, Marilyn Manson, Kesha, and Alex Wolff hanging out together in the comments below!

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