Nickelback is more than just a love them or despise them band. They've been the music community's (and everyone else's)punching bag for at least a decade. Well, a proud few stand strong in their defense. One of those proud people stood strong today. And, it just so happened to be Nirvana's Krist Novoselic.

That's right. Grunge gods have Nickelback's back.

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Besides being the founding bass player of Nirvana, Novoselic is perhaps best known as being board chair of the electoral reform organization FairVote. All joking aside, Fox News took a shot at Nickelback, and Novoselic wasn't having any of it.

The reason Nickelback is even a topic right now is due to President Donald Trump's tweet about Ukraine and Joe Biden's son Hunter. The tweet used Nickelback's song "Photograph" and has since been taken down by Twitter for copyright infringement.

With Nickelback being a hot topic, writer Parker Molloy dug up an old clip of Fox News editor Chris Stirewalt attempting to be funny in reaction to the House debate. The clip isn't not funny because we're all tired of the same old worn-out Nickelback jokes. No, it's not funny because Stirewalt clearly has no idea who Nickelback even is, or what genre they are.

“Nickelback is like socialism,” Stirewalt says “Our generation and prior generations fought hard against the scourge of Nickelback and to show what the dangers are of emo-pop ballad ’90s rock.”

"Nickelback is a power pop rock band & I love them!!!!" Novoselic shouts from the rooftops. He then comments about economic systems and the state of the USA and Canada but that's beside the point.

Well Krist, we salute you for your stance. Hopefully next time the news will be about Dave Grohl defending 311 or something else wonderfully absurd.

We're not even going to ask how you feel about Nickelback so just put your favorite Nirvana song in the comments below.

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