Nickelback vocalist Chad Kroeger has recently been honored by the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada. The musician is reportedly the most performed songwriter in the SOCAN history, which spans a grand total of 30 years.

To put things into perspective, that means the rocker has played more than his Canadian counterparts, including Drake, Avril Lavigne and Leonard Cohen.

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“That's all I was thinking about the entire time when I was up there. I'm thinking about Adams, Drake, Bieber, Avril, Alanis, Shania, Celine—the biggest,” Kroeger says in a post-ceremony interview with Billboard. “And, by the way, as I go down that list, immediately I think how amazing are Canadian artists. We've got the best of the best. For [a population of] 37 million people we're kicking ass. We're doing great. It's just fantastic.”

Additionally, Kroeger goes on to talk about Nickelback’s future. The singer says that, as he has been in the game for about 25 years, he has ample time to create a new album.

“Now there isn't this urgency, Kroeger says. “It's not like you have this amount of time you have to make a record because we're going to go tour. It's not rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat, with pressure from management, booking agents, record company. That's not there anymore. It's so nice and it really allows me a lot of time to, er—drink.”

You can watch a bit of Kroeger’s time of the SOCAN red carpet below.

Last month, Congress hilariously argued over the highly-contested band. While debating H.R. 1 bill which would overhaul voting, campaign finance, and ethics law, Congress started discussing Nickelback instead. 

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