When Nicolas Cage's son Wes Cage (born Weston Coppola Cage) was a teenager, he was in a black metal band under the moniker Eyes Of Noctum. Now, at age 23, Wes is preparing the release of his debut solo album, Prehistoric Technology, which is scheduled for a tentative release date of sometime this coming February. In anticipation, you can stream the effort's lead single, "Tell Me Why (Matriarch of Misery)," below.

In an interview with Noisey, Wes divulged the details of his first band and their demise, his relation with his mother (which is who "Tell Me Why (Matriarch of Misery)" is about), his 18th birthday party in Norway that lasted three days, inventing the genre "ghost metal" and much more. On the motives behind his debut solo endeavor, he commented:

After Eyes of Noctum, I kind of had a reality check and realized that I could not change who I am. I had no control over where I was born, and I take pride in it now. I know I had privileges growing up—I was able to travel and attain wisdom from the places I went to. All I want to do is take that and share it with everyone rather than trying to hang onto it selfishly. There’s a lot of stuff I’ve read and seen that I want everyone to know about, that I wish was more accessible to the world. That’s the reason I want to be more commercial now, so I can share it with a larger audience.