Now that it’s fall, we’re not ashamed to say we have been watching The Nightmare Before Christmas on repeat to celebrate the season. 

It’s pretty impossible to just exist in October without wanting to sing “This Is Halloween” out loud all day long. It’s Tim Burton season, people, and we're indulging to the extreme this year. 

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And because it’s also spooky season, that means we’re participating in all things supernatural—using Ouija boards, casting spells and everything in between. 

Because it’s just that time of year, we decided to figure out which Nightmare Before Christmas character each zodiac sign was most like because it’s a combination of festive and musical. Figure out which character you’re most like below. 

Aries – Lock 

The leader of Oogie Boogie’s three mischievous henchmen gives major Aries energy. Lock is a bit of a hothead and will lash out at others when he can’t be in charge, and stubbornness is also a major Aries trait. His energetic attitude means this Nightmare Before Christmas character definitely gets into trouble, like any good fire sign.

Taurus – Zero

Zero, Jack Skellington’s dog, is as patient and reliable as any true Taurus. A Taurus can be jealous and a bit possessive, like any dog is about their master, even ghost dogs. This sign loves security, much like a dog that always knows where their owner is no matter what.

Gemini – Mayor of Halloween Town

Sorry Geminis, we couldn’t resist. The mayor literally has two faces, much like the bad reputation this sign gets for being two-faced. Aside from that, this sign is social and loves to talk, especially if it’s in a non-productive way, which is pretty much how the mayor lives his entire life. Geminis have this blind confidence that makes them outgoing, similar to the mayor with no power.

Cancer – Santa Claus

Honestly, Santa Claus was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, which would probably happen to a Cancer who’s just minding their own business. Also, Santa is caring and nurturing, which is exactly how every Cancer acts.

Leo – Dr. Finkelstein

Leos are one of the most protective signs, and if Dr. Finkelstein had to be described in one word, it’d be overprotective. Leos also tend to be pretty self-confident, just like this mad scientist is in his experiments.

Virgo – Oogie Boogie

Virgos are most similar to this Nightmare Before Christmas character not because they're evil, but because they're reserved. Oogie Boogie has a whole lair that he sulks in alone, and if you know any Virgo, you're aware that they are totally content with staying in their rooms all day. Plus, this sign can be harsh, which is definitely a kind way to describe Oogie Boogie.

Libra – Behemoth

Behemoth is a pretty reserved zombie in Halloween Town who keeps to himself, much like Libras who can be quite shy. Even though they're reserved, Libras are likable because they are lowkey, much like this Nightmare Before Christmas character.

Scorpio – Shock

The sole sister in Oogie Boogie’s trio of henchmen is a textbook Scorpio. Shock is resentful of her brothers for being so dumb and always has a trick up her sleeve. Like Scorpios, she's cunning and smart—and probably the absolute last person on this list you would want to mess with.

Sagittarius – Sally

This sign hates to sit still and is always seeking adventure, exactly like Sally when she escaped from Dr. Finkelstein and fell in love with Jack. A Sagittarius sometimes has a hard time saying what they are actually feeling, which Sally can relate to as it takes her the majority of the movie to reveal her love to Jack outright. She always wants something better in her life but won’t trample over other people to get there, which is the ultimate Sag motto.

Capricorn – Jack Skellington

The Pumpkin King is the ultimate Capricorn planner. Jack Skellington wants to please everyone, and prior to the events of the film, he stuck to the same routine of celebrating Halloween each year, which schedule-loving Capricorns can relate to. He's good at being the boss, and even if the idea isn’t always solid, he will be the leader until the end.

Aquarius – Igor

Dr. Finkelstein’s goofy assistant is good at heart and one of the most unique people in the Nightmare Before Christmas universe. If you have an Aquarian friend, they're probably one of the weirdest people you know, in a good way. They’d likely be the friend who would try dog treats, like Igor, but you can’t help but love them.

Pisces – Barrel

The youngest sibling of the trio is probably the least intelligent of the three, which isn't to say this sign is dumb but easily distracted. Pisces, like Barrel, have their heads in the clouds, which can make them a bit clumsy or repetitive. It’s not their faultthere’s a lot going on in their own heads, nevermind the rest of the world.