The holiday season is officially here early thanks to Dark Horse Comics. The comic book publisher is retelling Henry Selick and Tim Burton's classic Nightmare Before Christmas in a new graphic novel.

The Nightmare Before Christmas graphic novel was released on Aug. 12.

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It truly isn't Halloween without the Nightmare Before Christmas. Over the past few weeks, various companies have been launching new products based on the film as the spooky season gets closer.

Funko recently announced its highly-requested Advent calendar while Disney has launched various new items including a fashion line, an Oogie Boogie holiday stocking and even a Sally-inspired hot beverage mug.

Now, Dark Horse Comics is retelling the iconic film in a new graphic novel. For $10.99, fans can experience the Nightmare Before Christmas in a completely different way. The 56-page hardcover graphic novel was written by Alessandro Ferrari and illustrated by Massimiliano Narciso.

As said in the description, the graphic novel retells the Nightmare Before Christmas exactly as we remember it.

"Prepare for a twisted story of fright and delight in this retelling of the groundbreaking stop-motion film. In Halloween Town, the Pumpkin King Jack Skellington rules. When an emptiness begins to grow in him, he finds himself far from home in Christmas Town. Thinking that this is the answer to his melancholy, Jack moves to take over Christmas . . . But when a vision foretells a horrible end should Jack rule Christmas, is it already too late?"


[Photo via Disney/Dark Horse Comics][/caption]

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Dark Horse Comics has also released some exclusive pages from the graphic novel. The pages include Jack Skellington kidnapping Santa Claus, Sally escaping the hands of Dr. Finkelstein and more.

[Photos via Disney/Dark Horse Comics]

The Nightmare Before Christmas graphic novel is out now and retails for $10.99. Head here for more information and where you can purchase your copy.

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