Nike is getting creative with the launch of a new pair of sneakers by partnering up with Ben & Jerry's for a new collaboration.

The new Nike SB Dunk Lows are seeing the two companies pairing up with incredible packaging featuring the shoes in a mega-sized pint of the Ice Cream while the shoes actually come in a styrofoam cooler with actual ice cream inside.

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The "Chunky Dunky" Dunk Lows are featuring Ben & Jerry's classic ice cream pint design printed across the shoes. The Nike logo features a dripping yellow emblem while the inner part of the shoe flexes a rainbow colourway.

The toe is a gleaming aqua color while the Nike logo on the back shoes a bold golden yellow font.

Unfortunately, only the Friends & Family pairs will come with the extravagant packaging.

Nike SB team member Oskar Rozenberg showed off his pair so people could get a closer look at the amazing packaging some people are receiving the shoes in.

Ben & Jerry's also shared a video showing a skateboarding pint of ice cream promoting the new footwear.

"The Ben & Jerry’s x Nike SB Chunky Dunky will be available Saturday, May 23rd. Find a store near you at the link in our bio!"

The shoes are arriving on May 23 and you can check here to see if a store near you is carrying them. Ben & Jerry's is also offering the opportunity to win a pair by telling them about "your Ben & Jerry's inspired skate trick."

What do you think of Nike and Ben & Jerry's collaborative footwear? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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