Before Kurt Cobain's sudden death in April 1994, Nirvana shared some wild times throughout their career.

Now, former rock promoter David McLean has revealed how Nirvana ended up playing football against Chippendales strippers during their 1991 tour.

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McLean first started in the industry as a gig promoter in Scotland. Eventually, he went on to travel the world with various artists and even managed Placebo. More recently, he wrote and directed the film Schemers which is based on his experience booking Iron Maiden for their 1980 Dundee show.

Schemers is set to debut on Sept. 25. Prior to its release, McLean opened up about his life and career to The Guardian. During the interview, he recalls the time Nirvana played football against a group of Nottingham Chippendales strippers. It all happened during Nirvana's 1991 U.K. tour while they were promoting Nevermind.

"After Nottingham Rock City, the Chippendales – a group of male strippers – were in the hotel bar,” he shares. “For some reason, Nirvana’s manager said, ‘fancy a game of five-a-side?’"

McLean goes on to share that the Chippendales and Nirvana played the football match in the middle of a car park. He also reveals just how well Cobain and Dave Grohl played during the game.

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“So Nirvana played a game of five-a-side versus the Chippendales in the car park," McLean continues. "Kurt was quite fit and Dave got stuck in. I can’t remember who won but for the rest of the night I pulled a bit of a fast one and pull all the drinks on the Chippendales’ manager’s room.”

As well, McLean further reflects on his impressions of both Cobain and Grohl.

“Everyone says Dave is the nicest man in rock. Kurt was great too. I remember his piercing blue eyes. He was such a genuine person. He put up a disco ball in the tour bus and would sing ‘Dancing Queen’ because he loved Abba.”

Following the death of Cobain in 1994, Grohl expressed that getting back into music was difficult for him. When he wrote Foo Fighters' first major single "This Is A Call," however, it was a truly transformative experience for him.

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“‘This Is A Call’ is probably the one song that… it had a different feel," Grohl shared during a recent Apple Music interview. "It was a bit more uplifting than the other stuff that I’d written before. And especially coming after Kurt’s death, ‘This Is A Call,' it was like a renewal or a reawakening where I actually found joy in playing and writing. So it’s strange because when you’re in that moment and you’re in a period of loss or grief or mourning, it’s like you pick up an instrument and that just spills out."

Two of Nirvana's albums are celebrating anniversaries in September. Sept. 24 marks the 29th anniversary for Nevermind while Sept. 21 is the 27th anniversary of In Utero.

Who do you think won the 1991 football game - the Nottingham Chippendales or Nirvana? Let us know in the comments below.