[Photo: A Perfect Circle]

Tweets from A Perfect Circle have cast doubt on the possibility of their new album coming this year. The tweets also dashed hopes of Tool's anticipated fifth album dropping in 2017. See them below.

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As previously reported by AP, A Perfect Circle recently signed with BMG for their long-awaited third studio release, the band's first since 2004. Last month, APC guitarist Billy Howerdel said the new LP would be out within 12 months.

Likewise, Tool have allegedly been working on their first album since 2006's 10,000 Days. Both Tool and APC—each act fronted by singer Maynard James Keenan—have left fans waiting quite a while for new recorded material.

In April, APC responded to tweets regarding both albums. (via Theprp.com)

When asked of rumors regarding a "potential new A Perfect Circle album later this year" by a fan, the band's official account responded, "Not true."

The fan followed up with a question about Tool's new album, hoping for an upcoming release date. The band tweeted, "Also not true."

When will the new APC and Tool albums actually be released? It's hard to say.

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