Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan breakup might just be the most emo thing we’ve seen all year, and the drama is not over.

Seems like Noah thinks their relationship was a mistake.

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The couple broke up back in October over a Charlie Puth meme... kind of.

The drama started when Xan took to his Instagram stories to reveal he felt like Cyrus cheated on him. The reaction was prompted by a photo Cyrus shared with producer/DJ Ookay. He further proved his heartbreak by putting a plaque for his track “Betrayed” in a bathtub and peeing on it—just in case the message wasn’t already clear.

Of course, Cyrus didn’t stay silent on the subject, taking to her own Instagram stories to offer a tearful message to her fans about some days sucking, but it will be OK in the end. She followed up the video with a screenshot of the Charlie Puth-inspired meme that allegedly resulted in their breakup.

“I’m heartbroken and confused,” Cyrus explains. “This is the meme I sent Diego that made him think I’m cheating on him.”

Live on Instagram, the rapper stated the breakup had nothing to do with the Puth meme and rather manipulation by Cyrus. He also gave a shout out to Columbia Records, who represents both artists, for allegedly setting up their relationship as a publicity stunt to boost Cyrus’ career.

Cyrus came back again to state the relationship was not set up by their label, posting text captions and a clip of an interview Xan did with Billboard where he stated he “slid into her DMs.”

Cyrus then claimed the relationship started to crumble when she noticed a hickey on Xan’s neck. She then accused Xan of lying to feel less guilty about himself.

Following that drama, the singer listed a $12,000 bottle of tears on her merch site. It was all a joke, and she didn’t think anyone would actually try to buy it. However, someone didn’t get her sense of humor and tried really really hard to the get the bottle. So hard, in fact, that Cyrus had to reimburse an entire GoFundMe campaign.

A mistake?

After months of silence from both parts, Cyrus took to Instagram to insinuate her relationship with Xan was a mistake.

Per Hot New Hip Hop, the singer commented on a post by World Star Hip Hop insinuating she regrets dating her ex. The post asked followers: "What mistakes did you make in your last relationship that you won't repeat again?"

Cyrus' response? "My last relationship was the mistake, lmao."

Ok, then.


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Name the BIGGEST mistake ???? #WSHH

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