In The End

FILE UNDER: Melodic gruff punk

ROCKS LIKE: Red City Radio, Iron Chic, I Am The Avalanche

WHAT'S DIFFERENT: For a start, they’re back. The San Francisco band have been on hiatus for the last five or so years since 2011’s Borrowed Time. While before they perhaps wore their influences on their sleeves a little too obviously, this record does a great job of channeling them into something that’s fresh and full of vital, burning energy and passion.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE:  Getting the balance right between aggression and melody is tricky, but Nothington have done it better here than ever before. These are catchy-but-gruff songs that bristle with the burden of living but also with the joy of being alive; as such, they bring you up as much as they talk about real life weighing you down. Comebacks are often disappointing, but this is one that actually exceeds expectations. Mischa Pearlman

OUR PICK: "End Transmission”

Red Scare