Nova Twins have shared a new single called “Cleopatra” from their upcoming album. The record, titled Supernova, is set for release on June 17 via Marshall Music.

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“Cleopatra” was inspired by the Black Lives Matter protests. The song speaks of confidence and social unrest, with lyrics like, “They say I’m scary, I’m not ladylike, I act like a queen/And I’ll be wearing the crown whilst I’ll be kissing my teeth, yeah/Blacker than the leather that’s holding our boots together/If you rock a different shade, we come under the same umbrella.”

Amy Love spoke about the track in a press release.

“‘Cleopatra’ was written off the back of the Black Lives Matter protests,” Love says. “Attending them made us feel powerful as two mixed-race women in an era where people were suddenly waking up to anti-racists conversations. It's about celebrating who we are and being proud of where we come from. We hope this song encourages people from all walks of life to act and feel the same way too.”

Preorder Supernova here and check out the lyric video for “Cleopatra” below.

Supernova track listing

1. “Power (Intro)”
2. “Antagonist”
3: “Cleopatra”
4. “K.M.B.”
5. “Fire & Ice”
6. “Puzzles”
7. “A Dark Place For Somewhere Beautiful”
8. “Toolbox”
9. “Choose Your Fighter”
10. “Enemy”
11. “Sleep Paralysis”