FILE UNDER: Swamp Death

ROCKS LIKE: Cannibal Corpse, Bolt Thrower, Autopsy

WHAT'S DIFFERENT: Obituary’s doomy, swamp-water-logged brand of death metal has always been as much about groove as grind. John Tardy’s unhinged vocals and his brother Donald’s thunderous, jackhammer drumming are bolstered by face-punching guitars and deep, gut-churning bass. There’s plenty of down-tuned mosh pit fuel to be found on this new album, but they’re just as frequently in high gear, slamming through 10 tracks in just 33 minutes, with one (“Sentence Day”) a particularly solo-packed showcase for their shredtastic new guitarist Kenny Andrews.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Obituary are legends for a reason: Nearly 30 years into their career, this is one of their hardest and heaviest albums. For younger death metal bands, the message is clear: “Wait ‘til your father gets home.” 

OUR PICK: "Brave”