Off The Deep End


The Friday Night Boys take you on a colorful Ferris wheel-ride rife with breathless hooks and punchy pop rhythms polished to a blinding sheen. Their puppy-love romantic entanglements go 'round and 'round, and while they may not get anywhere, it can be a fun spin, provided you haven't already done this circuit before. They're not groundbreakers, but miners of familiar emo-pop tropes, blending Hellogoodbye's electro pulse with the sugary rush of the Rocket Summer. While familiarity can breed contempt, it's difficult to argue with their effortlessly upbeat bounce, even if "Permanent Heartbreak" is probably overstating the case. Songs brake for slow-motion acoustic confessions, then race on after "Molly Makeout," and uncap their poison pen for a "Love Letter." The Boys' juvenilia is charming and sweet, if light on originality or substance. (FUELED BY RAMEN/ATLANTIC)

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