We’ve been over the moon since Halsey announced to her fans that she was pregnant with her first child.

Over the years, Halsey has been open about her experiences with reproductive health and fertility. Back in 2016, she confirmed that she has endometriosis, a condition that's known for impacting fertility in some individuals. Additionally, last year, Halsey told Zane Lowe how her experiences inspired “More” off her latest album, Manic.

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After teasing fans for weeks about a series of upcoming surprises, she took to social media to share her new pregnancy photos. Her partner Alev Aydin is tagged in the photos. The screenwriter also reshared the photos on his own Instagram story.


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In honor of the amazing news, we decided it’d be fun to speculate what amazing name Halsey could come up with for her baby. Here are 10 on-brand name suggestions for Halsey’s baby, but in reality, she’ll probably come up with something even more magical. You can check out our suggestions below.


This name would be cute not only because Halsey is a colorful person but also because she called her unborn child her “rainbow.” A rainbow baby is a term used to describe a baby who's conceived after the mother suffers a miscarriage, something Halsey has personally experienced, so the name would have immense meaning.


Halsey hasn't been shy about her love and admiration for Panic! At The Disco, even before she was famous. Brendon Urie also gushes about the singer frequently, so in our wildest scene kid dreams, we hope Halsey decides to name her baby in a nod to P!ATD or Urie himself. Again, unlikely, but we can only hope.


We can’t take credit for this one—some eagle-eyed fans believe that Halsey has hinted at the baby’s name, which might come from The Chronicles of Narnia. Halsey posted a screenshot of Aslan from the film. Aydin is Turkish, and Aslan is the Turkish word for lion, so it would make a lot of sense. Plus, that’s a pretty badass-sounding name that we could see Halsey being into.


Halsey and Taylor Swift have a long history, as Halsey became a viral sensation at the start of her career when she posted parodies of Swift’s old songs. Now, years later, the two are close friends and supporters of one another. Halsey has also talked about Swift being one of her biggest songwriting inspirations, so she may pull her Swiftie card and name her baby after the pop star.


This idea comes straight from the track “clementine” off Halsey’s latest album, Manic, because it’d be not only a nod to her music career, but it’s just a cute baby name. It’s artsy and unique, so it's definitely a name we could see the singer choosing.


Halsey has cited Alanis Morissette as another huge musical influence, as her mom listened to the singer a lot when she was growing up. Halsey and Morissette collaborated for a track on Manic, and we could see Halsey being inspired to name her baby after such a powerhouse '90s musician.


When Halsey first propelled to stardom, she was known for her signature blue hair. She has a track named “Colors” and is a talented visual artist. Also, she just released a colorful line of Myspace-inspired makeup, so we could see her giving her baby an artsy, colorful name such as Blue. Plus, she could sing her lyrics “Everything is blue” as a nursery rhyme, which would be adorable.


Halsey and her mom have matching tattoos of this word on their body, marking many serendipitous events that have happened throughout their lives. Not only would this make a beautiful name for a baby, but it also marks another chapter in the singer’s unpredictable life.


halsey, tattoo

[Photo via Pinterest][/caption]Speaking of tattoos, Halsey has several that could inspire great baby names, including a double rose piece on her shoulder. So we can't help but think Rose could be an option.


Halsey’s track “More” alludes to her experience of wanting to be a mother, her struggles with endometriosis and her total love for her unborn baby. This would be a meaningful nod to the song, which is really about genuine love.

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