Ah, "Fireflies." The most awkward song to dance to at prom — and yet, a lasting gem of the 2000s. 

Owl City (aka Adam Young) whipped up a particularly strange lyric in his first hit single, which leaves us with some obvious questions. First, the lines: 

"'Cause I'd get a thousand hugs

From ten thousand lightning bugs

As they tried to teach me how to danc

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So what's going on here? Does each of the ten thousand lightning bugs hug him a thousand times? Do only a tenth of the bugs hug him? Or does the swarm improbably take on a humanoid form that then hugs Owl City a thousand times? These are the questions that keep us up at night. 

Turns out, each bug hugs him a thousand times, as Young thoroughly explained on his Twitter. "I was the recipient of 1,000 hugs from 10,000 lightning bugs for a grand total of 10,000,000 hugs," he writes. Check out the full explanation below.

Well, that answered every question we didn't even know we had. And, he still had time to toss in a quick self-promo at the end. Go Adam!

Reminisce on the 2009 track below. 

Have you also wondered about the bug hug lyric? Let us know in the comments. 

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