Oxymorrons have shared their latest release, Mohawks & Durags, which is the band's second EP.

Fusing hip-hop with alternative rock, Oxymorrons have worked with several notable producers, including John Feldmann (MOD SUN, the Used, blink-182), Zach Jones (Chelsea Grin, Dance Gavin Dance, As It Is) and Marc Orrell (Dropkick Murphys) to achieve their trademark tumultuous sound on the EP.

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Flashback to 2016 and the New York City-based band were first revealing their ambition to undermine genre with their debut EP, Complex But Basic. Fast foward to present day and they seem just as determined to expand upon and refine this original mission. Mohawks & Durags is the uncompromising result of the band’s relentless work.

“Both projects relate in the aspect of two different worlds/ideas coming together to make a beautiful bond,” the band explain. “What you're going to see is growth, a lot of edge and big heavy moments in the project. Mohawks & Durags will definitely give you a peek on what it’s like being New York City kids making rock music.”

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At the same time, Oxymorrons skillfully weave together lyrics that project their views on today’s political issues and passion for individualism with energetic, heavy instrumentation that ultimately holds you captivated until the very end.

Mohawks & Durags features three previously released tracks, “Justice,” “Green Vision” and “Django.” From these singles, fans caught a glimpse into how powerful the EP is. When listened to in full, Mohawks & Durags strives to bring the band’s central motif of unapologetic expression into focus.

“We hope that people get inspired. We hope they learn and help push the idea of creating a new wave of music,” Oxymorrons say. “[We are] breaking the idea of not accepting something because it doesn’t look or sound like the ‘norm.’ We hope that this project inspires people to be free.”

Oxymorrons are currently joining Anti-Flag and Neck Deep on their U.S. tours through the rest of the year. Tickets are available here.

Mohawks & Durags tracklisting:

1. “Justice”
2. “Green Vision”
3. “Definition”
4. “Talk”
5. “Django”
6. “Ghost Of Chuck Berry”
7. “Pretty People”