Ozzy Osbourne is celebrating the 37th anniversary of him biting off the head of a real bat with a cute, plush bat toy. Well, actually it’s not that cute. To replicate the occasion, the plush toy’s head is detachable.

According to the PRP, 37 years ago to the day, Osbourne famously bit the head off of a bat. A 17-year-old boy by the name of Mark Neal threw the bat onstage at a show in Des Moines, IA.

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“Today marks the 37th Anniversary since I bit a head off a f*cking bat,” Osbourne says in an Instagram post. “Celebrate with this commemorative plush with detachable head.”

The 12-inch plush is grey in color and sports Osbourne's logo on the front.

You can pick up your own bat plush here.

The event that inspired the plush was originally met with skepticism and obvious backlash; Many people thought the bat was fake. Additionally, many people think Osbourne himself thought the bat was fake before sinking his teeth into its neck.

According to a documentary, Osbourne thought the bat was plastic. Additionally, he had to get rabies shots for 30 days following the incident.

If you dare, you can watch the incident involving Osbourne and the unconscious bat below.

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