Grandparents are usually awesome, but being the grandkids of Ozzy Osbourne takes it to a whole new level.

Few rock harder than the Prince Of Darkness, but the little Osbournes are living up to their grandpa’s legacy.

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The youngest Osbourne child, Jack, shared an Instagram video a few days ago. In it, his two daughters are singing along and rocking out to their papa’s classic jam, “Crazy Train.”

The video shows Jack’s oldest daughter, Pearl, singing along before her sister, Andy, enters the frame in classic middle child fashion to steal the show with some headbanging.

Ozzy’s wife, Sharon, shared the clip on her morning show, The Talk, which was met with an audible reaction from the studio audience.

Sharon admired her granddaughters’ tenacity, honoring their grandfather perfectly.

“You see the way Andy sneaks in, and she starts the headbanging,” Sharon remarks on her grandkids’ moves. “They did that to make their papa feel better.”

The video surely did Ozzy some good, who is slowly getting back to his normal routine after being hospitalized with pneumonia last month.

The metal legend was forced to cancel the majority of tour dates with Judas Priest after his hospitalization, but is finally working himself back to full strength.

Jack and Sharon offered some good news regarding Ozzy’s condition last week, noting he’s almost back to his regular self.

“If this gauges where he’s at, he’s complaining a lot, and he’s back to his normal routine, so A-OK there,” Jack says.

Sharon echoed her son’s sentiment, observing that the complaining is a positive.

“That’s always a good sign when he complains,” Sharon says. “When he’s miserable, then you know it’s good.”

“It’s when he’s happy and skipping around is when you’re like, ‘There’s something really wrong here.’ Like call the doctor,” Jack added.

Sharon’s The Talk co-host Sara Gilbert summed the video up perfectly at the end of the segment.

“No question, those are Osbournes,” Gilbert jokes.

Check out Jack’s post below.


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??! These girls are hilarious. #crazytrain #papa

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