Last month, Ozzy Osbourne announced the cancellation of his Australia, New Zealand, and Japan tour dates following his recent battle with pneumonia. At the time, Ozzy stated he had been advised by his doctor to stay home for a full six weeks in order to recover from his recent bout of pneumonia.

Now, his family is offering another update on his condition.

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In February, wife Sharon assured fans that the cancelation was simply a precaution and that he's finally over the worst of the illness.

“Ozzy has announced the cancelation of shows in Australia, New Zealand & Japan. “Ozzy recently developed pneumonia & has spent some time in hospital. He is through the worst part,” says @SharonOsbourne. “His doctors have advised that he stay at home to recuperate for full 6 weeks”

Now, both Sharon and his son Jack are offering an update on Ozzy’s condition. In an interview with Access, Jack discussed his own journey with MS in the context of the upcoming Race To Erase MS.

When asked about Ozzy’s condition following the singer’s hospitalization, Jack offers, “If this gauges where he’s at, he’s complaining a lot, and he’s back to his normal routine, so A-OK there.”

Sharon echoed the sentiment with, “That’s always a good sign when he complains. When he’s miserable, then you know it’s good.”

“It’s when he’s happy and skipping around is when you’re like, ‘there’s something really wrong here.’ Like call the doctor,” Jack jokes.

More on the road to recovery for Ozzy Osbourne

This update comes shortly after Sharon's most recent update in which she confirmed that her husband was doing better following that recent hospitalization.

On her talk show, Sharon shared a few quick words on Ozzy’s recovery. According to the The Talk host, Ozzy can now breathe without help.

“He’s breathing on his own,” Sharon says. “He’s overcome by the response he’s had.”

We are wishing Ozzy a smooth and speedy recovery.

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