Earlier in the year, it was announced that Black Sabbath would be one of the acts to receive the Grammys Lifetime Achievement Award from the Recording Academy. As fans may recall, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward all made an appearance at the ceremony, but Ozzy Osbourne was nowhere to be found.

Now, Sharon Osbourne has revealed in an interview with Celebrity Access why she made the decision to pull Ozzy from the event.

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Sharon opened up about why she was "pissed off" over the award and how she "wouldn't let Ozzy go."

“I was just so pissed off at the Grammys this year because they gave them a Lifetime Achievement Award, but wouldn’t give it to them on the TV show that we all know as the Grammy Awards,” Sharon explains. “They did it at a separate ceremony which goes out on another network later on. I wouldn’t let Ozzy go because I just thought it was shocking what they did to them. So I wouldn’t let Ozzy go.”

Instead of being given the award during the actual Grammys, the band received the award during the Grammy Salute To Music Legends on PBS in May.

“They wanted to give it to them in some pissy fucking ceremony that they had. Listen there were artists there that got awards that deserved it too. But I just thought because Sabbath - their career spanned 50 years and they are still selling records today, their catalog still sells and their last record that was out six years ago was No. 1 in many countries worldwide - so the other artists they were honoring had great careers and deserved to be honored but they still didn’t have the careers that Sabbath had. So not to put them on the proper show, it was like, ‘How dare you?’ I was so angry I just thought, ‘Fuck you. I am not going to give you the honor of having Ozzy at your shitty ceremony.’”

You can read the full interview, here.

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