Nearly two decades ago, Trick Daddy, Lil Jon and Twista teamed up for the hit rap single "Let's Go." However, did you ever notice that a sample of Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train" is included in the track?

If you didn't, you aren't alone. In fact, the Prince of Darkness recently heard the rap song for the first time and, as expected, his reaction was truly priceless.

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So far, it's been a pretty eventful February for Ozzy Osbourne. Last week, he debuted an action-packed animated video for "It's A Raid," his collaboration with Post Malone. As well, the Black Sabbath frontman offered an update on his health after receiving the first COVID-19 vaccine dose.

Currently, Osbourne is hard at work on a follow-up to Ordinary Man. He has teamed back up with producer Andrew Watt for the upcoming LP. As well, Metallica‘s Robert TrujilloFoo Fighters Taylor Hawkins and the Red Chili Peppers‘ Chad Smith are all playing on the new album.

However, it looks like Osbourne and Watt took a rather eventful break while in the studio recently. Watt took to social media to share a video of Osbourne reacting to Trick Daddy, Lil Jon and Twista's "Let's Go." The song, which peaked at No.7 on the Billboard charts, features a sample of Osbourne's "Crazy Train."

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The clip, which Watt has since deleted, shows Osbourne hearing the rap track for the very first time. By the looks of it, the Prince of Darkness is visibly shocked by what he is hearing, saying "I've never heard this before." Shortly after the video made rounds online, it caught the attention of Lil Jon who believes Ozzy is "pleased" with the song.

I THINK OZZY IS PLEASED. ME @trickdaddydollars & @TWISTAgmg @thisiswatt @OzzyOsbourne"

Back in December, Watt opened up further about the collaborations on Ozzy's new album. At the time of the interview, Watt also said they were “about halfway through” recording the new LP.

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“There’s a bunch of people involved,” Watt told Guitar World. “I can’t say for sure until the end, but I started doing a bunch of basic tracks with Chad and Robert Trujillo, who used to play in Ozzy’s band. And Taylor Hawkins also came in and played a bunch on the record as well. Which adds a different flair – it kind of harkened back to Ozzy’s ’80s era, in a great way. And I think it’s so cool for a rock fan to be able to listen to half an album with Chad Smith on drums. And then you flip it over and you get to hear Taylor Hawkins.”

Not so coincidentally, Andrew Watt celebrated his birthday with quite a few of these musicians. In October, the producer turned 30th and had a jam session with Post Malone, Jane’s Addiction‘s Chris Chaney, Trujillo, Hawkins and Smith.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Watt explained that all safety precautions are being taken in the studio.

“But, you know, it’s been hard with COVID and everything to keep him safe,” Watt said. “We all test every day before we work and it’s just me, Ozzy and my engineer.”

Both "Crazy Train" and "Let's Go" are available to stream below.

Did you know "Let's Go" included a "Crazy Train" sample? What are your reactions to Ozzy Osbourne's reaction to the song? Let us know in the comments below.