P.O.S. has announced that he will have to cancel his upcoming tour with Bad Rabbits to undergo dialysis in preparation for a pending kidney transplant.

Though he says that he has been on dialysis for about a month already for kidney problems that started when he was a teen, the treatment he faces now will have to be done "in a stable location," making it impossible for him to tour.

P.O.S. says he feels "defeated" about having to cancel the tour, and is thinking of it as more of a postponement; as, he would like to try to reschedule.

“It sucks to put out a record and not be about to hit the road and support it," he said.

Fans are advised to stay tuned to see how you can help if interested, whether through a monetary donation or even seeing if you're a possible match to donate an organ to the rapper/producer.

Check out his statement about his health and the tour cancellation below.