Palaye Royale seemingly came out of nowhere, armed with a weighty knowledge of rock history and a clear sense of what they didn't want to be. From their flamboyant fashion sense all the way to their engaging time-machine rock, the band have begun to make their mark.

Palaye Royale's ability to mine the underground rock of the '60s and '70s with a bright-burning sense of discovery has crossed generations. So we took it upon ourselves to draft some reference points regarding their roots, as well as the bands that have come up in their stead.

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Whether you’re a proud soldier of the Royal Council or have only recently sworn your allegiance to The Bastards, there’s a lot to love about Palaye Royale. We’ve chosen 10 essential records for you to check out if you want to expand your musical horizons beyond the Boom Boom Room.

On the history side, we've sized up a bunch of decades. We've traced everything from the alternating avant and plaintive moods of the Velvet Underground to the exemplary excess of Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones. We nodded to the genius of one particular lad gone mad, as well as his fellow glam-slamming colleagues.

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A little bit closer to the present day finds alt-rock icons the Strokes, as well as some overdriven mania from Gerard Way. In addition, we've got reticent blues, disarming indie-pop and more. From disciples to acolytes, we think we've summed up the Palaye Royale experience quite nicely.

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Palaye Royale are currently on the cover of Alternative Press issue #380, which is available here or below.