Amid the rise of the new Bastards era, Palaye Royale are teasing the drop of a new single with an accompanying music video. 

The trio took to Twitter to tease the release of “Massacre, The New American Dream” and its upcoming music video.

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The band previously invited everyone to a masquerade with a captivating video for “Hang On To Yourself.” 

Almost a month later, guitarist Sebastian Danzig revealed the name of the new song in an interview with AP where the band discussed their upcoming album, The Bastards.

“We’re actually focused on things that are happening in our lives and everyone else’s lives around us,” he reveals. “[The new song] ‘Massacre, The American Dream’ is like that: We’re writing about gun violence and things actually happening in the world, thinking that we can have a small voice in this really big world. If we have a little bit of a voice, we’re going to use it.”

Emerson Barrett tweeted out a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot for the new track, which the drummer also stated he is directing. 
Danziglater went online and revealed the song would be the trio’s “most political song Palaye Royale has released to date,” with a powerful conclusion of #FuckGunViolence.

According to a post on their Instagram, writing credits go to the three brothers as well as bassist Daniel Curcio (Beware Of Darkness.) 

More on upcoming Palaye Royale album The Bastards

The brothers recently shared some of their inspirations for the imagery behind “Nervous Breakdown.” 

At the end of the video for “Nervous Breakdown,” Curcio releases the brothers from their imprisonment from Lieseil Inc. and drops gas masks in front of each one of them, although the members are still too disoriented to pick them up.

“When we [were] writing this story, it started off as the gas mask was the evil character,” Barrett explains. “And then as the years went on and I developed as a person, my interest changed certain things. I looked at storytelling as not good versus evil, but [something where] you could almost find good in each character. 

“So that’s when the gas mask became almost like the universal image for me of this world,” he says. “In today’s society, when you wear a gas mask, it’s showing that you’re trying to stay true to yourself. And to me, The Bastards is more than just a band or an album. It’s like a revolution of artists and thinkers, people that want to grow together.”

More than characters, dreamers and/or rock stars, the men of Palaye Royale are looking to manifest their own creativity in a world that often seems cruelly indifferent. With The Bastards—and its attendant graphic novel—they’re configuring their attention in the hopes of inspiring others to do similarly great things.   

“It’s a new era,” Danzig says. “I think we just really wanted to push the boundaries more so than just being able to talk about it.”

Palaye Royale have a string of upcoming U.K. and Europe tour dates next here with tickets here. You can check out the “Nervous Breakdown” music video below.

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