[Photo by: Giselle Dias]

Palaye Royale—Sebastian Danzig, Remington Leith and Emerson Barrett—spent their preteen years as a highly groomed boy band. But then the tight-knit trio shifted gears and got woke to the multifaceted legacy of swaggering rock ’n’ roll to make their own rock/fashion/art convergence a reality. Building the band hasn’t been easy—the siblings have lived through homelessness, lack of money and respect and ignorant misconceptions—although it hasn’t fazed the boys and their devoted fans, the Soldiers of the Royal Council. Today, the Palaye Royale movement is gaining momentum, and the brothers are spending every waking moment manifesting their dream (and executing an ambitious five-year plan) with laser-guided focus. Get on board with the band’s modern rock ‘n’ roll circus or hop off now. Get the full scoop in our latest issue.

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