Palisades dropped a BANGER of an album right at the end of 2018 and if you're like us, you've had it on repeat ever since. Erase The Pain is a massive and intense next step for the band, so it only makes sense for the album artwork to reflect on and represent the determination and growth it took to get them there.

Check out Palisades' breakdown of their album art, below!

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One of our most anticipated heavy releases of 2018, Palisades went above and beyond expectations with their latest album, Erase The Pain.

"The album as a whole represents our cycle of evolution," the band wrote on Facebook. "Each song is a different story about feeling worthless, feeling upset with yourself, filled with regrets, self realization and just trying to get out of a dark place. There are those songs and there are songs about finding your inner strength, seeing there is a light at the end of the tunnel and using that strength to keep moving on in life."

An iconic album needs equally iconic album artwork. Palisades took to Instagram to share the meaning behind Erase The Pain's album cover, breaking down each piece and what it means in regards to the band.

"When 5 people are trying to figure out what the hell their album artwork is going to look like, they might do this. We all got together, did a lot of thinking, researching, and spending a lot of time on. figuring out how it was all going to come together... This was our mood board (well little pieces), for Erase The Pain. This is us recognizing art, as well as the themes that we felt represented the music and ourselves.

Through each album cycle we have always evolved, and changed each time. Our ouroboros, is the representation of our constant cycle. Our snake being the embodiment of the theme in that must shed it’s skin to become new again. The fading at the tail represents the transformation process itself. So now you have a little more insight of what goes on in our heads."

The band shared parts of their mood board, and explained the meaning behind the Ouroboros/snake on the album cover.

"The Ouroboros represents the never ending cycle. Our Ouroboros represents our determination. Our growth no matter what we endure is perpetual. The hardest part of any process isn't starting, it's continuing. Pushing forward no matter what the odds."

"We are the snake. In order to grow the snake has to rip its own skin off, starting from its own eyes, against sharp rocks to begin this painful process of rebirth. A snake has to constantly push its body through these hard jagged surfaces to finally shed its skin and start the next phase of its life. This represents our growth as a band and our mentality on what it took to create this album. We had to rethink and reimagine ourselves to evolve."

Palisades also touched on the erasing/shedding being represented by the artwork.

"This is the transformation process. The realization that our past is not our prison. Taking whatever hurt us and and using it to make us stronger. With this step we can go forward in our journey having overcome our hardships.

This is why this album will relate to people. Everyone will have blockades in their life that will challenge them. It's about how you process these events and overcome them that will determine your next chapter."

What's your favorite track from the new Palisades album? What are your thoughts on their album artwork breakdown? Sound off in the comments below!

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