Pandora has announced its collection of Artists To Watch 2022. The platform also revealed a playlist specifically focused on alternative music.

The Alternative Artists To Watch 2022 playlist highlights a number of artists to keep an eye out for in the coming year, including half•alive, MUNA, phem, Snail Mail and Remi Wolf. They are joined by Bakar, Hana Vu, Still Woozy, Indigo De Souza and Spill Tab.

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Each year, Pandora selects a wide range of artists who show great promise for the coming year. This year’s playlists dig into a wide range of genres, from Latin and Afropop to Caribbean and country music.

The platform also revealed its cohort of artists most likely to break out in the new year, The Pandora Ten. In a press release, Pandora highlighted the significance of their choices and their playlists.

“By leveraging a combination of human insights and sophisticated data analytics based on listener behavior, Pandora and its Artist To Watch program have recognized a diverse range of artists years before they broke through and became stars, such as Post Malone and blackbear back in 2016, Lizzo and Dua Lipa in 2017 and H.E.R., Phoebe Bridgers and Greta Van Fleet in 2018.”

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SVP of Music Programming Steve Blatter also spoke to the significance of the new class.

“We’re thrilled to present to listeners the new Artists To Watch list for 2022,” Blatter says. “The Pandora Ten is the result of careful human curation and predictive analytics from Pandora’s pioneering recommendation engine. Each of these artists have created the necessary foundation that we believe will lead them to establishing an enduring fanbase and long-term success.”

​​Pandora’s alternative playlist also focuses on musicians who are poised for long-term success. The collection of songs showcases the diversity and the energy that accompanies the genre, from the driving rhythms that permeate phem's "flowers" to the classic acoustic sound of MUNA's Phoebe Bridgers collab "Silk Chiffon." All in all, the collection hints that 2022 might be a huge year for alternative music.

Alternative Artists To Watch 2022 playlist:

1. Remi Wolf - “Sexy Villain”
2. Still Woozy - “Woof”
3. Hana Vu - “Aubade”
4. Indigo De Souza “Hold U”
5. MUNA - "Silk Chiffon" (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)
6. half•alive - “Make Of It”
7. phem - “flowers”
8. Snail Mail - “Headlock”
9. spill tab - “Grade A” (feat. JAWNY)
10. Bakar - “The Mission”