Pandora have officially launched AMP (Artist Marketing Platform), which allows musicians to view the analytics behind how their music is fairing through the streaming service.

In executing his pitch for the latest addition to Pandora, Tim Westergren referred back to his time as a musician and the amount of difficulty he endured getting people to come out the his band's shows. "When I was about 28, a band I was in drove 1,098 miles from San Francisco to Telluride, Colorado to play a club gig." He continued, "It was our first trip to the state and we were excited to be on the road. We arrived just a few hours before soundcheck, and we spent that time putting flyers on telephone polls and walking around town spreading the word, passing out printed invitations. About 15 people showed up for the gig."

Artists are now able to login and uncover how many people are listening to their songs, how many people have created a new station based on a song and how many listeners they have in total, as well as the overall number of plays and the amount of thumbs up any given track has received.

Additionally, AdvertisingAge has pointed out that Pandora already take listener data and directs it towards advertising purposes. They also add that it has aided political candidates on deciding where to advertise for their upcoming campaigns.